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Welcome to Senior Resources California

Low-income Seniors in Long Beach, California

As a renowned advocate of senior care in Long Beach, California, we provide free care planning services to seniors, and elderly veterans of any income, insurance, and/or health conditions. Our care team can guide you on healthcare resources, placement, or housing with assistance for low-income/disabled seniors, and senior care in California, amongst other great programs.

CRITICAL TIPS on Medication Management For Seniors

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Our Mission

To assist low-income Seniors seeking public information and benefits they are entitled to. [ About Us ]

Support And Programs

Our care planning team is here to help you with various services or getting access to resources.

  • Case management
  • Care planning
  • Placement and Housing
  • Home safety and Fall Prevention
  • Resources for Seniors, their families, and elderly Veterans
  • Access to medical equipment or other health care services
  • Low-income grants for health care

How we help Services We Offer

Senior Resources California is here to talk to seniors, or their families, about the resources their community has to offer. Our service is absolutely free to our clients, and our aim is to connect them to services that are free, paid for through insurance, or heavily subsidized.

Our organization is separated into two unique departments to serve our client’s need to find a new place to live and/or coordinate care.

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Care Planning

Learn more about how we can help you get connected to resources. [ Click Here ]

Placement and Housing

Learn more about housing resources or senior assisted living or nursing facilities. [ Click Here ]

Medical Equipment Loaners

Learn more about the different medical equipment available for mobility assistance and safety supervision. [ Click Here ]

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Join Our Cause

Support your Senior and Veteran community. There are various ways to serve: volunteer your time, donate to support our cause, or become our vendor to provide services to our clients. Learn more. [ Click Here ]