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Job/Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help other Seniors and Senior Veterans get connected to resources in the community? Join our team and learn about the health assessment process, answering phones, clerical positions, case management, and other skills that can help you kick start your career in healthcare. If you want to work with our organization, send us a message today.

Donate Now

Your donations help ensure that Seniors in your community have access to the resources they need to live independently as long as possible or age at home with dignity. Any amount is much appreciated to support our programs and services that improve the lives of these older adults.

Community Partner

Is your organization a great resource for our Seniors? Help us help others and join our network. We look forward to working with organizations with similar goals of helping Seniors and making a difference in their lives one day at time.

Form W-9

The Form W-9 is a vital document required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to collect information from vendors and individuals providing services to our organization. By completing and submitting the W-9 form, you help us ensure accurate and compliant tax reporting.

You may download and fill out the form here.

CRITICAL TIPS on Medication Management For Seniors

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