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Incontinence Supplies | Senior Care Consultant in California
Ensuring dignity and independence with incontinence care

We help seniors with incontinence. Our care coordinators assist you in finding appropriate incontinence products and may even deliver them to your location. We aim to improve your quality of life by providing free services and ensuring you receive the supplies needed through our staff’s commitment.


  • Our services are free of charge.
  • After eligibility is confirmed, a designated care coordinator will be assigned to assist you.
  • Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive all the necessary supplies.

Incontinence Products

  • Adult Diapers, protective underwear, pull-ups
  • Pad & pant systems
  • Undergarments
  • Pads & liners
  • Skin care products such as gloves, skin cleaners, and creams to protect skin tissue are also essential for incontinence
  • Mattress covers and underpads
  • Urinary catheters, drainage external leg bag

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