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Medical Equipment | Senior Care Consultant in California
Equipment for those who require support and supervision

The Medical Equipment Loaners Program is a free community resource where you may borrow basic medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, beds and bathroom safety items.

How does this program works?

This program offers donated new or gently used equipment from people who no longer need it. Equipment is property leaned & checked for safety and make it available to another person. The equipment may be loaned out for a set period of time, for as long as the person needs it or, in some cases it may be given away. When the equipment is returned, it is cleaned again and checked for safety and is then made available for the next person. The medical equipment available varies depending on availability.

The equipment available in a DME loan closet is usually in good condition and is properly cleaned and maintained before it is loaned out. The loan process is typically simple and requires only a small deposit or a nominal fee to cover maintenance costs.

*Please note, we do not deliver or pick-up or deliver any medical equipment.

How can I help?

Your tax deductible donations are appreciated and will ensure that this program is available to help the next family in need. If you would like to help support this effort, reach out to us to let us know how you would like to show your support. Learn more click here.

Medical Equipment Loaner Program

This program provides short-term loans of medical equipment to individuals who are in need but may not have the financial means to purchase or rent the equipment. This equipment includes items such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and more.

Wheel Chair Service

If you received a wheelchair, power wheelchair, or mobility scooter through Medicare, you may be eligible for scheduled repair and cleaning services as needed.

The repair process involves a phone intake and checking of your insurance eligibility with local vendors. A loaner scooter or chair will be provided and your equipment will be picked up for service, which includes diagnostic evaluation, ordering and installing parts, cleaning, and disinfecting.

Repair Service May Include:

  • Pickup and delivery of your equipment
  • Loaner scooter or chair provided
  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Ordering and installation of parts
  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment

The repair typically takes 2-5 business days after receiving parts and may include fixing common manual wheelchair issues such as front riggings, casters, rear wheels, and armrests, or common power chair/scooter issues like drive wheels, batteries, motors, and seat cushions.

Common Manual Wheelchair Repairs

  1. Front Riggings – Footrests & Legrests
  2. Casters and Forks
  3. Rear Wheels and Hand rims
  4. Wheel Locks/ Brakes
  5. Armrests
  6. Upholstery

Common Power Chair/ Scooter Repairs

  1. Casters and Forks
  2. Drive Wheels
  3. Batteries
  4. Chargers
  5. Motors
  6. Joystick and Electronics
  7. Arms
  8. Seat and Back Cushions

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