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VA Benefit

War-era veterans and surviving spouses can receive monthly benefits to help pay for senior care if they meet certain conditions. These benefits are in addition to pension and are only available if eligible for Pension. To qualify, the veteran must need help with daily living activities, be bedridden, be in a nursing home, or have poor eyesight. The benefit amount is up to $1,788 for a veteran, $1,149 for a surviving spouse, or $2,120 for a couple.

Assisted Living Waiver/ Medi-Cal Waiver

Medi-Cal waiver helps pay for assisted living costs by covering the gap between social security and full cost. The goal is to help seniors and the disabled move from a nursing facility to assisted living or stay in assisted living if at risk of institutionalization. The waiver is a Home and Community-Based Services waiver.

SSI/SSDI Increase

Seniors with social security or disability income less than $1,145 can apply for an increase once they move into assisted living.

Skilled Nursing Facility Programs


Medicare only pays for skilled nursing care after 3 days of prior hospitalization, up to 100% for the first 20 days, with a co-payment for 21-100 days. There is no coverage for nursing home care beyond 100 days. Medicare only pays for skilled nursing care, and the average stay is less than 24 days.


Nursing home care is covered with prior authorization from a doctor. Residents can keep $35 of their income as a personal needs allowance or apply for SSI/SSP if they have no income.


Payment varies per insurance plan and the average length of stay is less than with Medicare or Medi-Cal.

Asset Protection

We assist in balancing benefits and real estate. We offer financial guidance and provide referrals to specialty experts for all generations. These experts are knowledgeable in tax incentives, penalties, real estate, finances, wills, and estates and aim to ensure smart financial decisions.

  • Wealth Assessment & Inheritance Planning

    Our wealth advising services include creating a tailored team of specialists such as CPAs, wealth managers, and attorneys, as needed, for each client. The financial investigation includes locating trusts, crisis managers, and case managers, discovering errors, and thorough analysis of the situation.

    Estate planning is recommended for anyone with assets and should be a priority as soon as you have any investments. Ensuring a smooth transfer of your life’s work to your beneficiaries is important.

  • Investment Strategies

    The analysis and consultation involve a backward look at your life journey. We examine your current real estate assets thoroughly and provide mid-term and long-term recommendations, regardless of life stage.

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